Capella Singapore and the Best Gastronomy Experience There

Capella Singapore and the Best Gastronomy Experience There

Capella Singapore is not only the best staycation or business trip hotel. But also the best place for everyone to try the magnificent gastronomy experience of Singapore. The city does have several elaborate dining places in some cheap hotels in Singapore

But, every restaurant in this resort can represent the most elegantly prepared cuisines with the best taste so far. So, are you curious to find out more about all restaurants here?

Foods at Capella Singapore Satisfy Everyone

It is fun to find out that a hotel, where we are staying, can provide many kinds of restaurants that we want to explore so far. The same thing applies to Capella Singapore. For Mediterranean lovers, they can step into The Knolls. 

It has massive arrays of Mediterranean cuisines for lunch and dinner menus. However, it also provides breakfast, half a buffet, and half à la carte. The view of the South China sea will enhance the perfect dining moment.

But, for those who long for exotic Cantonese menus, there is no need to think twice about visiting Cassia. Every cuisine in here delivers such wonderful menus that no other restaurant can compare. Many reviewers claim that its baked young lobster and mango pudding are the best match for the main course and appetizer. 

Signature dishes include Wok-fried Black Pepper Sauce Japanese Wagyu Beef, Lotus leaf Steamed Rice with Abalone. The wonderful décor of the entrance is a great charm that allows guests to take pictures for their Instagram.

For guests who just want to spend a good time reading and sipping a cup of coffee, then they can go directly to the Library. They don’t only get complimentary coffee and tea, but also buy some pastries, bread, and snacks with homemade and fresh ingredients.

Another excellent place is the Chef’s Table where it provides daily meals and afternoon tea during weekdays. This place is also very popular among Singaporeans who have small or family events.

There is also a tea bar that offers a huge variety of tea that guests can enjoy after their lunch or dinner. However, guests can also make reservations for gourmet dinner with wine to their rooms, or at the beach or poolside. Guests are the ‘real king’ when it comes to the choices of food here.

The Best Nightlife Ever

Without a doubt, Capella Singapore also provides a great place to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Start by having sunset drinks at Bob’s Bar before enjoying the whole night dancing or just trying some great drinks and cocktails. But, this bar doesn’t only cater to guests at night. There are also beverages in the afternoon where guests can enjoy some options of cocktails like Kumquat Sidecar or Kaffir Lime Mule. The signature ginger beer is the real bliss.

So, nobody will feel disappointed because Capella Singapore doesn’t want to compromise its quality with awful services and servings. But, there are still some other choices of restaurants outside the hotel. Sentosa Island has no shortage of restaurant options. But at least, guests don’t have to leave this resort only for finding foods with the best taste.

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